Calendar 2019

As most of the dates are now set, here is my calendar of tours for next year. There will also be three dayschools in south-west(ish) England, and a series of talks to Arts Society and other groups, to be added before 2018 comes to an end.

2019 programme

8-16 May: Cathedrals of England (Martin Randall Travel)
Nine days, ten extraordinary buildings, top-notch hotels and restaurants. Not cheap, but quite an experience: I’ve had people describe it as ‘life-changing’, and ‘one of the best things I’ve ever done’! MRT are leaders in their field, and you get me as a lecturer/guide throughout.
10-14 June: Yorkshire churches and cathedrals (Martin Randall Travel)
An MRT version of the tour below. We stay in the county so no Lincoln or Durham, but we add in Howden, Selby, Lastingham, Byland, and a couple of York parish churches.
28 June to 1 July: Cathedrals and Abbeys of the north (Cultural Tour Company)
This is the new MRT offshoot: Novotel hotel York, decent chain restaurants (ie cheaper), same quality lecturer (ie me). Lincoln, Beverley, Rievaulx, Durham, Fountains, Ripon, York.
12-14 July: Fenland churches (Villiers Park)

Ely, West Walton, Castle Acre, Walpole St Peter and more. The perfect introduction to the rich story of place, architecture and history in England. Based at this educational charity outside Cambridge: good food and accommodation, nice people.

22-24 July: Anglo-Saxon and Romanesque churches (Villiers Park)

A review of these two formative eras: major Anglo-Saxon churches at Brixworth and Earl’s Barton; the tiny timber church at Greensted; the Romanesque colossus of St Alban’s abbey, and more.


5-8 Sept: Medieval Cambridge (Villiers Park)

A time-machine exploration of the origin and development of the university, with visits to King’s college chapel, the Round Church, Great St Mary’s, Corpus Christi, Jesus college, and more.

18-26 September: Cathedrals of England (Martin Randall Travel)

Repeat of the May itinerary
8-21 October: Sacred China (Martin Randall Travel)
I have been visiting China on a regular basis for most of my adult life, and have developed this unique itinerary with MRT. We go to some very special places: Buddhist caves (Datong and Dunhuang), sacred mountains (Qu Tai and Tai Shan), the birthplace of Confucius at Qufu, the Temple of Heaven and Lama temple in Beijing. Among personal highlights are our visits to the Nanchan si and Foguang si in Shaanxi, both of which include perfectly preserved ensembles of architecture and sculpture dating back to the C8.


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